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Free VO Q and A with Voiceover Coaches and Pros

This super informative Q and A with established pros and coaches answers some of those questions that every beginner has.
  • Where do I find work?
  • What should go on my Demo?
  • How many Demos should I have?
  • What about coaches?
Join me and just a few of the very fine coaches and pros who shared their expertise and their unvarnished opinions!
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Host-Kathleen Puls Andrade is a professional working actor, improviser, voiceover, and writer
with numerous voiceover and on camera credits. Kathleen co-designed and currently
teaches the Beginning Voiceover for Improvisers and Advanced Voiceover programs at
the Second City Training Center, Chicago. The program uses improvisation as a tool to
making creative decisions and developing characters on the spot. The Advanced
program takes place at Audio Recording Unlimited, a professional recording studio,
which gives students an opportunity to study and work in a professional environment to
prepare them for their career. She has also taught voiceover and more at Bosco
Productions, Baylor University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois, In Forte,
Discover Card, along with individual clients. She has been heard on Allstate, Quaker,
Fisher, Morton, Pandora, SummaCare and more. You can hear her voiceover demos at

Several of Kathleen’s students have gone on to work in the industry, recording
commercials, games, and narration.

Kathleen has also used her improvisation, acting, and comedy skills as an actor in several corporate comedy videos for Second City Works, and Second City Bizco, the corporate training arms of Second City, Chicago. Clients included Adobe, AHIMA, The Chicago Bulls, Rush Hospital, Second City Works, Great Wolf Lodge, RBS, Astra Zeneca, Altria, McDonald's. These professionally produced videos served to teach clients about compliance, HR issues, Do's and Don'ts in the workplace, harassment, and more.

And starring in alphabetical order:

Kevin R Czarnecki has been working in voice over and writing for seven years since graduating from Columbia College, where he helped design what became the Voice Over minor. In that time, he's been working with NV Talent in Chicago, primarily working in commercials (National and local, including Los Cabos, Corona Hard Seltzer, Morton Salt, and 5Gum Truth or Dare, which won a Mercury Award ), as well as some video games and the occasional industrial.
For the past three years he's been passing on what he has learned in both industries as a tutor, with several students going on to successful careers in both Chicago and Los Angeles.

You can hear him now in the Corona Hard Seltzer ads online and on TV. His writing is focused on RPGs, including Shadowrun (You can find his novel Crimson on Amazon), and Vampire the Masquerade.
Sophia Cruz is a full-time multi-cultural and bilingual English and Spanish voice actor based in Los Angeles, CA. Sophia specializes in Commercials, Corporate Videos, E-Learning, Audio Description, Political voiceover, IVR and UN-style Dubbing. Sophia can be heard all over the world. Her recent clients are Facebook, Disney+, NBC Universal, ROSS Stores, Sherwin- Williams and many more. Sophia is also a VO Business Success Strategist and has created Bilingual VO Business to empower voiceover talents to success in their business. She has created a program, "YOUR VO DREAM", which you can learn more about at Sophia can be found on all social media @sophiacruzvo.

Tim Dadabo has been fortunate enough to lend his voice to thousands of projects in all formats of this business. From National TV/Radio Spots, to Promo, to Video games/animation, you’ve likely heard his voice a time or two. ;-)
Yup. I’ve been at this a while. I’m also proud to have given guidance via schools, seminars and eLearning.

Deb Doetzer has been a VO actor, teacher and mentor in Chicago for almost 3 decades.
A proud member of SAG-AFTRA, Deb is exclusively repped by Stewart Talent. Early in the pandemic, Deb was cast as Gwendolyn in Disney + "The Owl House" which she recorded from home in her closet studio. She teaches at The Acting Studio, Columbia College, DePaul University and helped to create the Voiceover for the Improvisor class at Second CIty. Deb's voice has been heard on many commercials (Serta and Skittles most recently) and has been the voice of EMMI healthcare for Wolters Kluwer for 15 years.

Tom Haigh has 10 years experience in sound post production as a sound effects editor, dialog editor, music editor, mixer, VO recordist, any many other roles that fall between categories.

He works on-site and remotely with a variety of clients in Ireland and the US, delivering high quality audio for advertising, online media, long form TV and film, and audiobooks. Please click here for a complete list of the services he provides. In addition to his post production work, he's created original music for broadcast advertising campaigns and various corporate media applications. For a detailed resume/CV please contact Tom or check out his profile on LinkedIn.

Robyn Moler has been working as a voiceover actor for over 20 years. She mainly specializes in commercial work but also works in promo, radio imaging and non-broadcast. She is a proud SAG-AFTRA member and has representation in her home market of Chicago as well as LA, NY and Denver. She teaches voiceover with The Green Room Studio in addition to doing private coaching and co-producing commercial vo demos with sound engineer, Donovan Weyland. She also claims to be writing a book about women in voiceover but can’t seem to finish the damn thing. Check out her website for more info and demos:

Brian Plocharczyk Member of SAG-AFTRA since 2004, Brian has voiced commercials for Michelob Ultra, Nintendo, All State, Jimmy Johns, Motorola, and the Illinois Lottery to name a few. He has voiced countless corporate narrations, some radio drama’s, animated projects, and has even
voiced Spiderman and C3PO. Brian teaches Voice Over at Acting Studio Chicago and Columbia College Chicago. More info available at

Darren Stephens has been a voiceover talent in the competitive Chicago market for more than twenty years. His voice has been heard on hundreds of regional and national television and radio commercials, hundreds of narrations, a few dozen audiobooks, radio plays, web shows, podcasts, assorted film projects and a movie trailer for an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie you haven’t seen. He can currently be heard as the tag voice for the Corona Hotline spots featuring Tony Romo. Darren’s is signed with Stewart Talent.

Darren is also busy as a voiceover coach and demo producer through his web site, Voiceover Studio Chicago.,

George Washington III has been a voice actor since 2003, and has performed in virtually all genres of the field, including commercial, narration, animation, video games, audiobooks, and telephony. He is a coach with Such A Voice, providing technique coaching to new voice actors through the SaV curriculum. He can be reached at

To contact him for lessons and rates for voice over, writing, and myriad other creative talents, you can reach him at You can see his livestream of Chronicles of Darkness (and many other shows!) at

Tom Test has a BBA in Marketing from the University of Michigan, but cheerfully abandoned his corporate zombie career to pursue voice-over.

Tom began his voice-over career in 1989 from absolute zero, having never acted, sang or been on the radio. Not a single agent was interested in repping him based on his first VO demo. But after 6 years of improv, acting and voice-over lessons, as well as leading weekly voice-over workouts in a recording studio, Tom was finally competitive enough able to burn his waiter's apron and be a full-time talent.

Tom once had a nice sideline business of VO coaching and demo production. He produced about 40 demos, mostly for first-time talent, and every single one was good enough to win agency representation. Tom works for clients all around the world from his home-based Source Connect recording studio. No matter where you live in the US, you've probably heard Tom on your TV, radio, browser or Pandora at some point.

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