Pink Orchids at the Pride Arts Center

Chicago Reader: Brennan T. Jones production features a number of tender, well-crafted direct to audience addresses, including a stirring speech by Kathleen Puls Andrade as an AIDS nurse facing down angry protesters.

Windy City Times: Irene (Kathleen Puls Andrade), (is) an open hearted nurse whose empathy shields her from judging her patients. Puls Andrade grounds the entire premise in a clear reality.

Third Coast Review: Beck and Puls Andrade create particularly appealing characters.

Chicago Theater and Arts: Irene (Kathleen Puls Andrade) is a nurse who cared for Barney's lover. She gives witness to the story of his humanity, humor, and pathos while in the process of losing his struggle with the dreaded disease. Each actor makes a point of connecting personally with the audience in this very intimate space.

Sheryl Still Single

LA WebFest - Outstanding Supporting Actress - Nominated

Bible Bingo, Put the Nuns in Charge, Mother Superior's Ho Ho Holy Night at the Royal George Theater, Chicago

"Kathleen Puls Andrade does an excellent job of involving the people in the room. she mixes together the right amount of fear and fun. By getting to know the various personalities and backgrounds of the people watching a magical thing happens, the crowd feels they know each other by the time the show is over. "

Sure, there's some audience participation and Mother Superior, played with bright and entertaining candor by actress Kathleen Puls Andrade (at least for the opening weekend performances I caught last weekend), still rules the roost with her rules, opinions, and at times, some self serving humor.
SW Indiana Times

"We attended the event with our adult children and their dates and all six of us had a really fun evening. She engages the entire audience and everyone seemed to really enjoy the event. It was a nice surprise to our Chicago weekend."

"Mrs. O'Brien (
Kathleen Puls Andrade) was hilarious and quick to respond to audience! I laughed until I cried. The audience made it fun."

"When she returns from intermission, she sees that one of her class members has written "penguin" on the board. While she erases that word, someone else pops up and asks her if she has to wear the same clothes every day. Without missing a beat, she responds with: "Of course, that's why they call it a habit."

While Cecilie D. Keenan does a fine job directing, this show is a charm because of
Andrade's flawless portrayal. She captures the presence of a nun with such perfection that you soon forget she's an actress and are convinced that she really is a nun."
Daily Southtown

"Veteran Chicago actress
Kathleen Puls Andrade plays "Mother Superior." She has created the role for nearly a year at the Royal George, and she approaches it as part stand-up comedy, and part catechism class. The actress playing Mother Superior fantastic. People are just going to have a blast.”
Daily Herald

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