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If you’ve ever wanted to be one of those voices on your favorite
video game, then this mini class is for you! Warner Bros. Cinematic Director, Dominic Cianciolo (Mortal Kombat X, Injustice: Gods Among Us) and Kathleen Puls Andrade will take you through gaming scripts that will challenge your mouth, your voice, your mind, brain and body!

You’ll explore supporting your voice so you can last for an entire session no matter the vocal demands. You’ll learn great vocal, physical, and character warm-ups that keep your chops sharp. We’ll go over dialogue and monologues, learn and create backstories for various characters and get on mic as soon as possible to start working those characters.

You will learn:

Going from one vocal extreme to the other
Grunts and Exertions aka Efforts
Learn about ADR Wild Efforts (Grunts and Exertions)
Mic Technique
Create characters on the spot
Create character backstory
Meaty Monologues for Men and Women
Discuss Facial Capture
Learn why you have line after line of dialogue on spreadsheets
Go through line after line of different characters and pivot on the spot
The Business of Making and Voicing Videogames

This mini-class will give you a whole new perspective, character toolbox, and plenty of scripts, so when you’re not working a gig, you can still work on your craft!

Students will receive a copy of their recordings.

About the instructors:
As a writer, director, and producer
Dominic Cianciolo has worked in a broad range of styles and media, consistently demonstrating a commitment to storytelling excellence. In 2007, Dominic joined Chicago-based Midway Games as its Cinematics Director. As Cinematics Director, Dominic was creatively responsible for in-game cut scenes on a variety of Midway titles including Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. When Warner Bros. purchased Midway in 2009, he continued in an expanded role, co-writing and directing the in-game cinematics for the 2011 re-boot of Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat‘s cinematics script earned him and his co-writers a nomination by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) for Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing in 2012. His contributions to their Netherrealm’s string of successful projects has continued with the co-writing and directing of the cinematics for 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat X. In addition to co-writing the story for this year’s hit Injustice 2, Dominic oversaw the writing and production of the game’s massive collection of in-game dialogue.

Kathleen Puls Andrade is a professional voiceover, actor, improviser, and writer with numerous voiceover, game, and on camera credits to her name. She has co-created and teaches the Beginning and Advanced Voiceover Programs at Second City Training Center, Chicago, and has taught voiceover for Discover Card, Baylor University, Bosco Productions, and Northern Illinois University among others. Several of her voiceover students have gone on to audition professionally and have been cast in several national and local commercials, industrials, games, and more.

She and her writing partner, Andrew Eninger, have been named semi-finalists for the Page International Screenwriting Awards and are in the Top 100 of Emerging Screenwriters for their original sitcom pilot, Fertile Ground. Her original solo comedy Journey to the Center of the Uterus™: Adventures Infertility!, a poignant comedy based on her own roller coaster experiences with infertility, premiered in Chicago and was featured on the PBS special Health Secrets: What Every Woman Should Know hosted by Paula Zahn.

Kathleen’s demos and more can be heard at She can also be seen regularly in Bible Bingo and Mrs. O’Brien’s Guide to the Golden Rule at the Royal George in Chicago and around the country.


Voiceover isn’t just about commercials. eLearning is one of the many ways you can earn money doing what you love! Join us as for a day-long workshop where you’ll learn how to navigate one of the major income streams for VO: eLearning!

What is eLearning? eLearning are any training courses that involve text, graphics, video, and instructional audio narration.

eLearning is one of the largest chunks of the pie when it comes to a voiceover's income stream. It can range from 30-70% of a voice actor's income.

You’ll get into the booth and practice what you learn and everyone gets a copy of their recordings. Don’t miss this valuable one-day workshop with two of the best in the business!

You’ll discover:
• What is eLearning?
• How do you get started?
• Who are your buyers?
• What makes you attractive to buyers (clients?)?
• Who is your audience?
• How do you get work? (Hint, it's NOT on Pay to Play sites)
• How do you maintain relationships?
• How do you record and edit for elearning?
• Who is your competition? (Hint - it's not always a live human being)
• What do you charge (and how do you structure your fees)?
• What’s the best sound for an eLearning project? We'll get you into the recording booth and show you!

Kathleen Puls Andrade is a professional working actor, improviser, voiceover, and writer with numerous voiceover and on camera credits. Kathleen co-created and currently teaches the Beginning Voiceover for Improvisers and Advanced Voiceover programs at the Second City Training Center, Chicago. The program uses improvisation as a tool to making creative decisions and characters on the spot. The Advanced program takes place at Audio Recording Unlimited (Chicago), a professional recording studio, which gives students an opportunity to study and work in a professional environment to prepare them for working in the VO business. Her classes also include Voiceover Audition Editing Basics and Video Game Voiceover with Dominic Cianciolo from NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat, Injustice).

Kathleen has also taught voiceover at Bosco Productions, Baylor University, University of Chicago, Discover Card, along with individual clients. She has been heard on Allstate, Ford, Quaker, Fisher, Morton, Midol, NetherRealm, Watchdogs, and more. Several of Kathleen’s students have gone on to work in the industry recording commercials, games, industrials, and narration. You can hear demos and more of her work at

Ron Rhodes has been a voice actor for 10 years, an e-Learning developer for more than 20 years, and has many fortune 500 companies to his name, including Delta, Google, Kawasaki, Nissan Motors, Stryker Medical and many others. He has voiced countless e-learning projects and has hired many voice actors throughout his career.

More Classes with Kathleen:

Voiceover Audition Editing Basics

If you're starting out on the voiceover journey, or you've been on the journey already, then you're probably cramming a lot of info into your brain just to learn the ins and outs of editing, what your agents what you to do, emails, specs, labeling takes, home studio stuff, equipment, resources and more. It can be overwhelming! Let Kathleen teach you the basics of editing your auditions like editing breaths, mistakes, marking mistakes, fixing a sentence or phrase that you don't like, inserting a phrase into the middle of a take, info on home studios, Digital Audio Workstation or DAWs, mics, resources, sweet discounts and much more.

This was the greatest class!! So helpful!!
Best (bleeping) money I ever spent!
(You probably know by now that if I use that language it's serious)"
-Brent Haines, Voiceover

"I did find the class to be a good value. I got some valuable tips, some ideas of things I need to research, and reassurance that I'm on the right track with what I know already."
- Maggie Cain, VO

"Thanks so much! I thought the course was really helpful, I often wonder how my auditions sound compared to others and I liked hearing some of my peers auditions. I will feel more confident editing my auditions now! I also thought it was a great value for the price."
- Katelyn Andresen, VO

Beginning Voiceover for Improvisers at the Second City Training Center, Chicago
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This 6-week course covers an introduction to the exciting and lucrative world of commercial and character voiceover. Improvisation is a skill that is actively sought after in voiceover artists and this class is about helping the student discover what they will need to get started in the world of voiceover. During this class you'll learn about mic technique, demos, the difference between narrator and character reads, rates, tips, tricks, supporting the breath, and resources for building your career in the Chicago voiceover scene. At the end of each class you will receive mp3 files of your work.
Prerequisites: Improv Level B or Instructor Approval
Advanced Voiceover at the Second City Training Center, Chicago
This workshop is not offered every term. If you would like to be informed when it becomes available,
Please click here.
This five-week advanced voiceover intensive expands on the beginning voiceover course. We'll focus on creating a character repertoire using improvisational techniques behind the mic, narration, commercials, multiple character copy, difficult copy, real people, your brand, and more. You'll learn about auditions, demos and what it takes to make a living in voiceover and get the skills you need to compete in the voiceover world.
Students will receive more personalized attention in one of the top professional recording studios in Chicago.
Please note: This class will not be held at the Chicago Training Center. Students will need to go to ARU, 625 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2400, Chicago IL 60611
Voiceover Instructor at Green Shirt Studio, Chicago
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If you’re an actor, then you know you always need more training and professional development to keep your chops sharp and to develop new ways of acting, earning, and the business of the arts. You’ll discover that there’s a lot more to it than you thought!
Join Kathleen Puls Andrade for an 8-week course in the VO basics. You don’t have to be an actor to take this course, just bring your desire to learn something different!

You’ll learn:

  • Auditioning for VO
  • Copy Analysis
  • Mic Technique
  • Breath Support
  • Instant Character Creation
  • Cold Reading Techniques
  • Audition and Session Etiquette
  • Announcer Technique
  • Game Technique
  • The Business of the VO Business

You’ll have lots of mic time, so bring your listening skills, room temp water and your imagination!